SafetyLink Risk Manager - Previous versions - release notes to version 9.000


Version format V.rrr

The version of H&S Compliance Manager you have installed is shown bottom center of the application window.

NOTE: H&S Compliance Manager was renamed to SafetyLink Risk Manager to reflect the new risk management procedures for health and safety being introduced over time to New Zealand.

These are release notes to version 9.0000 which was released in April 2013. Click to see latest release notes for SafetyLink Risk Manager

Major versions (V) are shown as a number eg 9 and are sent automatically to all users with current maintenance. It is an accumulation of all minor releases. Major versions are sent to all organisations with current maintenance.Minor updates (.rrr) contain requested custom changes, function enhancements and bug fixes and are available to all users with current maintenance but need to be requested. Not receiving release notifications? Contact Compliance Solutions Ltd support.

Update 8.043
Released 16/4/13

Update 8.041
Released 9/4/13

Update 8.040
Released 4/3/13

Update 8.039
Released 28/2/13

Update 8.038
Released 18/2/13

Update 8.037
Released 11/2/13

Update 8.036
Released 4/2/13

Update 8.035
Released 23/1/13

Update 8.034
Released 13/12/12

Update 8.033
Released 12/11/12

Update 8.031
released 25/10/12

Update 8.029
released 17/9/12

Update 8.028
released 12/9/12

Update 8.027
released 18/08/12

Update 8.026
released 12/07/12

released 6/07/12

















8.023 released 22/05/12
8.022 released 11/05/12
8.021 released 30/04/12










8.012 - 8.020
Release 11/04/12


  • IMS Payroll Partner import interface changed for IMS update in April 2013 which uses the DBISAM (9.000).
    Note: this is a critical update for all IMS Payroll users.
  • Employee home and contact details report changed to list all contact telephone numbers for employee (8.044).
  • Staff Disciplinary actions attachments added. Any attachments are not noted in the disciplinary summary report but should be printed separately if required (8.044).
  • Issued equipment report accessed from registry/equipment issues and reports/ Issued equipment was giving different results depending on whether employees were tagged or not. Also the first employee's name was not being printed. These have been corrected. (8.042)
  • Supplier Reports now opens a new window and reports available are:
    - list of suppliers
    - supplier details
    - (new) supplier approvals reports by supplier, by approver, by expiry date and expired approvals (8.041).

    Supplier approvals now available in Gold version (previously were only available in Enterprise). Any active supplier may now be approved for a duration of time (usually 12 months). Approval is from from the supplier window in Gold and Enterprise and also from supplier contracts in Enterprise. Email alerts may be sent to the last employee who approved the supplier when the next approval is due (8.041).

    Supplier Services (or Scopes) are also now available in Gold (previously only in Enterprise) from the suppliers browse ain in Enterprise also from supplier contracts. Each supplier may have any number of services which they are approved to supply allocated to them. Suppliers may also be searched by the services they provide. Services types are defined from Edit / supplier services and applied to a supplier or contractor from the Supplier services button on the supplier browse window and from the supplier contracts in Enterprise (8.041).

  • Incident near miss list 4 report added which is the same as List 3 except the person is identified (8.041).
  • My incident reports using a complex query to select incidents such as (A or B and C) is being evaluated incorrectly as A OR (B AND C) rather than (A OR B) AND C. A work around - is to convert it to a manual query and put the brackets in the right place to force correct logical evaluation (8.041).
  • User security changed in Gold version to allow individual users to have reports emailed back to them as pdf's using SMTP email direct from the application. This was previously only available for the Enterprise system (8.041).
  • Supplier documents now allows attachments to be added from the tab(8.039).
  • Training records the training provider's student ID in the "Personal ID" field in the training history record. If an ID is entered or changed in a training history record that ID will be used for all training by that provider for the employee. The ID is printed in the training notification and training course roster of participants. In addition it is shown in the employee qualifications and units tab. This is particularly helpful for Site Safe training where they have their own Student ID's rather than using the national student ID (8.039).
  • Query Incidents may now restrict incidents tagged to opened or closed in addition to the other selection criteria to be returned to the list to run reports (8.039).
  • Employee notes and actions report - fixed extra box around photo printing on line following (8.039).
  • Employee individual training report without processes and tasks added. The report shows the employees's certificates, endorsements, training and all NZQA units and qualifications (8.039).
  • Email Event Notifier monitoring is started when the HSE system administrator first logs in. If the notifier had been running at some time previously but is no longer running it will issue a message after about a minute. Call if you need help restarting the notifier. Note: the notifier must always be shut down before upgrades so may need restarting because of this. The notifier now a comprehensive logging facility for testing. Call if you need to use this (8.039).
  • Email notifications to a department may now have up to 3 other staff members CC'ed the email notification. This is set up from the event notification rules window in the department contacts lists (8.038).
  • Incident investigation completion for a safety incident now checks the report completed date and if not already set it sets the report completion fields: Report completed date (to the date the investigation was completed), report completed by (to the primary investigator), incident investigated to 'Yes' and by the Employer's representative. This means if the investigation is complete the incident register will reflect this (8.038).
  • Equipment issues - may now issue a group of equipment at one time to an employee. From Equipment, instead of pressing the New Equipment issue button select the Multiple Equipment issues button which allows an equipment group to be selected. Selecting a group tags all the equipment in the group and any equipment not to be issues may be untagged (8.038).
  • Meeting attachments may be added under the agenda and minutes tab. A list of attachments is printed in the meeting report., Attachments themselves must be printed separately(8.037).
  • Calendar events bug fixed where an event for the current day did not show in the calendar (8.037). Rebuilding the calendar from Company / Event Notifications rules / rebuild calendar event tab will restore any missed in the calendar.
  • Training reports now use employee preferred names (8.036).
  • Export training completed matrix to Excel - fixed training would sometimes show as expired (yellow) when it was not (8.035). - fixed training would sometimes show as expired (yellow) when it was not (8.035).
  • Calendar event notifications rebuild has been changed so that on a rebuild of the calendar, it will have all events due or overdue (within the overdue expiry period - see below). Notifications are produced for those events only if they are expected to go out from the date/time of the calendar rebuild i.e. past notifications are expected to have been sent already and will not show in the calendar after rebuilding (8.034).
  • Limit duration of overdue events in calendar - Each event type may have the number of days to retain the event in the calendar if it has not been completed. For example if actions are not marked as completed they would normally stay in the calendar indefinitely but if the event expiry days for actions was 356 days a calendar rebuild would contain actions uncompleted for the previous year (8.034).
  • Serious and non-serious incidents are now kept in the calendar until they are either closed or the uncompleted expiry date reached. Previously they were removed from the calendar after they had been investigated. This means overdue notifications can be generated until they are closed. (8.043).
  • HR Employee leave imported from IMS payroll (optionally) is now consolidated in one employee tab called Leave HR. It consists of annual accrued leave, annual leave outstanding, annual leave due date, total annual leave balance, sick leave balance, long service leave outstanding and date updated or imported (8.033).
  • Employee preferred names now imported from IMS Payroll and used in most reports, with more reports to follow soon (8.033). Subsequent change (8.034) to ensure that a last name is appended if only a first preferred name used.
  • PDF attachments now displayed in either Internet Explorer Adobe PDF plugin or an application associated with the .pdf file extension (default is Adobe plugin in IE). Set option by going to File / Security / Employee security, select the user login and change, select Other user options tab and check on/off Shell PDF's to associated application. If checked on, the user's .PDF file extension must have an associated application for PDF's on the computer. This option might be required, for example, if strict javascript restrictions within IE break PDF forms that are scripted in Adobe Live Cycle or an alternative PDF reader is used (8.033).
  • Fixed occasional error message when closing application MDI - no application active (8.033).
  • Employee may now be imported with a future end date. Employees will be terminated the day after the end date if the start date is before the end date (8.022).
  • My Incident Reports - added linked hazards for selection in report top Excel (8.031).
  • Incidents list now shows the investigator's name. Also in Query incidents by nature the 'Mental disorder' was blanked out. (8.031)
  • Fixed error message 'close MDI window, no application open' which could occur if the application closed before user settings were saved (8.031)
  • Supplier contract attachments (Enterprise only) now uses the same system for attachments as the rest of the application. Supplier attachments are added or viewed from the supplier contact update window (add/changed supplier contract) where an attachments button is used to add or view attachments for that contract. Update 8.029 checks all attachments of all types and marks any attachments that do not have a physical attachment file or any that have been overwritten due to the conflicting systems. When attachments are viewed if a copied file is not available this is highlighted. Any attachment entries without copied attachment files should be marked for deletion and the original file reattached To assist this process the original origin of the attachment is shown when known (8.029)
  • New Incident report list 3 - near hits/misses by department (1 department per page) and date range, report category, incident date and incident number. Shows incident status Open/Closed. (8.029)
  • Incident summary reports selection - new feature to include incidents of selected types: Safety Incidents, Quality Incidents, Property Incidents, Environment Incidents, Security Incidents. Note incidents may me more than one type. (8.029)
  • H&S Compliance Manager Library updated to reflect recent changes in Government departments, legislation and approved codes of practice. All legislation links now use the Government 's new legislation web site that consolidates Acts with changes and displays html so that legislation may be easily searched. (8.028)
  • My Custom Incident reports - incident summary and other long text fields have been changed to different excel format which allows longer text fields and memos so that information is not truncated. (8.028)
  • Expired training report to Excel enhanced to show:
    - Training that has expired where retraining is required
    - Training that has expired where no retraining is required
    - Retraining required within 60 days (but it does not show not new training where a person has not previously be trained).
    Topic headings in the columns also show the default training frequencies in months. (8.028)
  • HR Module employee pay rate changes are recorded in pay rate history where the payroll import option is on in the payroll import options (the default is not to import pay information) (8.027).
  • Adding and viewing PDF attachments requires
    - Adobe PDF to be installed on the computer viewing the attachment.
    - Internet Explorer 5.5 or above. The option to show PDF's in the browser must be on (occasional IT set this option off).
    Note - some PC's may come pre configured with another pdf reader installed such as "PDFComplete". If this is the case Adobe PDF Reader Internet Explorer plug-in must be reinstalled as H&S Compliance Manager requires this plug-in to display PDF's.
  • Update 8.027 to fix a problem in H&S Compliance Manager Enterprise (only) where copies of attachments may be overwritten in the attachment folder. This problem only occurs in H&S Compliance Manager Enterprise systems where supplier contract attachments AND other types of attachments are used. This does not affect any Gold or Express users. Updating to 8.027 prevents any new attachments overwriting previous attachments.
  • New Incident near hit/miss report in department order (8.026).
  • Training required matrix to Excel now shows colours correctly for overdue training and training coming due within the next 60 days (8.025).
  • Email notification sever changes. Under some circumstances where exclusion days or periods were specified the email notification server could stop sending emails. Hopefully this has been fixed in 8.025.

    The following information is primarily for IT support. The email notification server HSENotifierC.exe may now run either as a service or a process. Usually it is installed then started as a service on a server because the server runs all the time. It could be started on a client PC but would stop sending emails when the client PC is turned off

    If invoking as a service use:
    HSEnotifierC.exe /iss - to install and start the service - or -
    HSEnotifierC.exe /is - install only, then manually start the service
    HSEnotifierC.exe /rs - is used to remove a stopped service

    A path to the database may optional be specified as a parameter as HSENotifierC.exe /iss "Path=path-to-database" if HSEnotifierC.exe is in a different folder from the database (not normally required).

    Alternatively, the notification server may be started as a service on a client PC (same as above) or started as a process on a client PC. This means emails are only sent while the client PC is running.

    To start the HSENotifierC.exe notifier as a process, from the HSE application go to File / Options / Start Email Notifier on this PC. This should only ne done if the client is directly connected to the network on a LAN. If started as a process, a shortcut needs to be set up in the PC's start folder to ensure it restarts after the PC is rebooted. Only one instance (either a process or a service) should be operational on the database at any one time.

  • Diagram showing the relationships between employees and hazards. Also includes the relationship between a supplier contracts and hazards in the Enterprise edition.
  • New Incident summary report #5 added - using brief description, Investigation summary, but not identifying person involved (8.023).
  • Employee notes may be imported from a CSV file. This is primarily to assist ex Comacc and MYOB EXO Payroll users to import employee notes into H&S Compliance Manager for HR, although it is available for all payrolls. The CSV file layout has three fields
    1. date DD/MM/YYYY
    2. employee ID (up to 12 characters)
    3. note (up to 4000 characters).
    The employee ID may be either that of an employee in the employee file or else one from the translation file (which translates payroll employee ID's to those in HSE). This is access from File / options / file maintenance (8.023). Call for assistance.
  • Employee notes and actions report now reports on individual employee notes indicating if they have an attachment (8.023).
  • Application execution and loading sped up by rearranged modules and components internally.
  • Rebuilding the calendar has been changed so that emails for past events will not be sent. Only emails due to go out on or after the time of the rebuild will now be created (8.023).
  • Incident actions - incorrect incident description in calendar and even notification sometimes - fixed (8.022), after applying update need to rebuild events.
  • Login Help when password forgotten - added button to upload login details to ftp support site to phone and get password (8.022).
  • Calendar event descriptions - now always updated when changed. Previously they were updated only if the date, to or person was changed. To update descriptions in the calendar to those in records giving rise to the events the calendar should be rebuilt after 8.021 by going to Company / H&S options tab, press Setup events button, select the Update outstanding events tab and press the Update outstanding events button (8.021).
  • Multiple equipment issues - (for example when an employee starts). First add an equipment group via Edit / Equipment multi-issue groups and add the equipment in the group. Then from Equipment issues select the Multiple equipment issue button, identify who it is issued to and the equipment group. Untag any items not to be issued then press the Issue button. This issues all tagged equipment and sets the next check date if the equipment has a check frequency (8.021).
  • Custom report change- In File/ My Custom Reports/My Hazard Reports, Processes were call Procedures. This has been correctly renamed to Processes. Users who use this field may need to change the title in the report (8.021).
  • IMS Payroll Partner extended HR functionality - options to importing HR information including pay and leave details. This is optional if the HR module is enabled. In the Gold edition HR information is only available to the HR Administrator or others the HR Administrator has given HR access to. For Enterprise see below (8.014).
  • Enterprise extended HR access options - the HR Administrator may choose to use the existing method described above for the Gold edition or a new HR employee access level option where, for example, heads of departments and other selected employees with HR access to selected departments may see HR information for employees with a lower level of access to their own (8.014). See Using HR Employee Access Levels in Enterprise edition (pdf).
  • When using HR Access levels, in the window where the HR administrator sets access options for tabs and reports, new and deleted tabs and reports are now highlighted to allow the HR Administrator to allocate appropriate access levels (8.019).
  • Event email notifications - may add exclusion days or times for notification emails to be sent from Company data configuration under the Event Notifier Tab. Any emails not sent will be sent as soon as the exclusion period is over. This may be used to prevent emails going to employee mobiles during the night (8.013).
  • Employees - changing job types always asks if the training topics, procedures and tasks should be updated for the employee (8.014).
  • Training courses - added facility for attachments, e.g. invoices or correspondence. Training roster now sorted into last name then first name participant order to assist locating people in a long list. (8.012)
  • Training topics - when changing job type training and induction, if changes are made to any processes, tasks or training topics required, the cancel button is now disabled. This prevents exiting without updating employees with this job type (8.014).
  • General fixes and changes
  • Training topics report that lists training topics accessed from the menu / Training / Training topic reports and from Edit / Training topics. Previously it was not printing topics, even if selected (8.014).
  • Fixed error where in Event calendar, when looking at notifications for subject, the intended recipient name was not correct. This did not affect where notifications were actually sent, just what was displayed on the screen (8.016).
  • Spelling corrections - File Menu / Maintenance and in Incident Security (8.016)
  • Application installation now includes a manifest for Windows XP which allows radio buttons, check boxes and other controls to display correctly under Windows 8 and the latest Windows server release with terminal server (8.019).
  • Application and all components now signed with a Compliance Solutions Ltd security certificate to prevent the operating system issuing a message for unknown author (8.016).
  • Fixed - Event Calendar sometimes did not show full incident or hazard description for an incident action or hazard action. If an incident action or hazard action was created before saving the hazard or incident, action notifications did not include the description of the unsaved incident or hazard (8.019).
  • Date lookups - the date lookup monthly calendar now always opens inside the application if running dual screens or large display screens (8.019). Also fixed MDI error message sometimes appearing when using date lookup.
  • Hazards - fixed error where a new hazard was not saved before being eliminated if it was linked to tasks, processes or job types. This produced an error message (8.012).
  • Incidents - summary reports changed to indicate what they include e.g. investigation description or brief description of incident (8.012).
  • A user with System Administrator login security group rights may re-open a closed incident using the button shown on the first page of the incident (8.015).
  • The System Administrator shown in the company setup may force an incident closed regardless of its reporting compliance status (8.017).
  • Incident primary investigator - is now assigned when incident created. It defaults to the person entering the incident but may be assigned to another employee. This may be disabled by editing QSE.INI and adding an entry in the [Incident] section:

    Events are generated for either a Serious harm safety incident
    or a Non serious harm incident. Each of these may have email notifications sent on creation, overdue or completed. The subject for notifications is the primary investigator but notifications may also go to the department, the person the primary investigator reports to, the safety admin, HR admin or another person (8.014).
  • Custom reports to Excel - My Hazard Report extract to Excel - changed heading for "Agent Type" to "Hazard Type" and added list of procedures to report for hazards.

Version 8
Release 11/10/11

8.001 18/10/11
8.002 19/10/11
8.004-8.008 13/11/11
8.011 29/11/11

  • H&S Compliance Manager V8 Menu and Toolbar structure
    Payroll import for MYOB EXO
    - use the Comacc payroll option as MYOB has renamed Comacc payroll to MYOB EXO. (8.005)

  • Rehabilitation actions can be changed from browse all actions. This was omitted before (8.008).

  • Training topic costs and hours added - Training topics may now have a cost per person and number of hours for training added to the topic definition (menu / edit / training topics). When training is completed in the training section, the default cost and hours from the training topic is brought through and may be changed before completing the training for one or more people (8.007).

  • Training costs/time historical and future budget report added - any period from past to future may be printed to Excel from menu / training / export period cost/times summary to Excel. This report shows actual costs and times for past training, and estimated costs and times for future training based on the costs and times in the training topic records. Future training also includes any repeat training that will be due in the period. Overdue training is shown in separate columns against the month it was due, and for predicting future repeats any overdue training is assumed to occur in the current the past is shown in the current month as overdue (8.007).

  • Training required matrix report to Excel added - shows all training required for all employees in a grid. The left side is ordered by department and employee and across the top all training topics. Requirements, and expiry dates, are colour coded for training overdue, due within 60 days, course allocated and training required as part of job requirement - from menu / training / export staff training requirements to Excel (8.007).

  • My Custom Reports / My Employee Reports - 8.000 removed a couple of employee fields that were previously available. This is corrected and previous reports should pick up the fields again (8.005). Also date formats have been made compatible for Excel in MS Office 10 Employee reports - (8.006), Training reports (8.007).

  • Staff Licences and certificates export - Added File / My Custom Report / My Employee Certificates and Endorsements extracts licences and certificates for employees along with endorsements to Excel, HTML or csv. Note Custom reports extract all information but selection filters may be used. (11/10/11)
  • Staff NZQA Qualifications export - Added File / My Custom Reports/ My Employee NZQA Qualification Report. (11/10/11)
  • Staff NZQA Units export - Added File / My Custom Reports/ My Employee NZQA Units Report. Note other training may be exported from Menu / Training / Export training matrix to Excel and Department training from Menu / Training / Department training reports / Dept. Training matrix to Excel. (11/10/11)
  • Print training topic report shows the topic ID, procedure name and version. The procedure name and version are highlighted if the procedure version for staff training is not the latest. (8.003).

  • Export list of all functions available from menu and toolbar to a csv file that may be viewed in Excel from Menu / File / Options/ Maintenance / Export menu structure. This may be useful for reviewing security and user training for the application. (11/10/11)
  • Hazard details report - check box to include/exclude all hazard locations added. Useful to keep reports tight when reporting on hazards for a selected location. (11/10/11)
  • Equipment types report added to Menu / Edit / Equipment types / Print list of equipment types. (11/10/11). Also minor release V8.001 on 18/10/11 to fix issue in 8.000 where equipment issues not displaying correctly.
  • Equipment issues and checks - a new tab added to show equipment for a department wheather it was issued to a person or department. The issued equipment check report was also changed to reflect this extra selection. (8.004)

  • Hazard changes - added ability to add PPE from within a hazard, rearranged tabs in the hazard to make it easier to navigate.
  • Hazard multiple quick entry - added to Hazards browse / New hazards tab to speed up entering new hazards. Hazards must be assessed in the usual way. (11/10/11)
  • Incidents statistics report now accepts a selected list of tagged incidents to report on. This allows the incident query to be used to selectively tag include incidents in the report or they may be tagged from the incidents browse. (8.002 19/10/11).
  • Incident Options (set in QSE.INI)
    InvestigationRequired=YES/NO - sets initial investigator (which may be changed) to the user entering the incident automatically. The primary investigator is also shown on the first page of the incident (8.011 29/1/11)
    WizardRequired =YES/NO - all used use new incident wizard. Only the administrator may quit the wizard before all question are answered).
    DepartmentRequired=YES/NO - All incidents require a department to be selected.
    ReportingCategoryRequired=YES/NO - All incidents require a reporting category to be selected. Reporting categories are set up for the organisation from Edit in the menu and represent reporting options other than the Department of Labour incident types.

    Example with all options on - edit QSE.INI (note: case sensitive)
  • Incident open/closed, investigated/not investigated and reporting to DOL statuses added. The status tab in the incident shows current status with a tick or cross. Clicking on a cross shows the reason and takes the user to fields to complete. When both investigation and health and safety compliance reporting requirements are completed the incident may be closed. (8.011 29/11/11).
  • Calendar entries show email event notifications that are due to be sent or have ben sent by the email notifier. This is a quick way to determine if the rules for sending notifications are correct and if they have been sent. Email notification rules are set up from Company / H&S Options Tab / Setup Event notifications button. See help for setting notification rules. (8.011 29/11/11).

  • Importing topics from QSE procedures before 8.011 may have resulted in the topic name changed but not the topic requirements or the course topic names being changed resulting in orphaned corses and requirements. (Fixed 8.011 29/11/11).
  • Application security enhanced by code signing of all application executables and components with a Compliance Solutions Ltd code signing certificate. You can be sure that no components have been altered during delivery. The installation setup has also been changed to assist installing on systems using UNC path names, i.e. non-mapped network drives (8.011 29/11/11).

Maintenance fix release 7.025 - 7.028

  • Fixed - Hazard assessments - when assessment method only uses consequences and likelihood and not exposure, the risk rating number was not printed in the Hazard details report and the Hazard assessment report (7.028).
  • Fixed - Print actions summary report - under certian circumstances report did not print any actions (7.028).
  • Fixed - Importing procedures from QSE Risk Manager to H&S Compliance Manager was not updating changed topic names for a Procedure ID (7.028).
  • Fixed - Incident investigation reports ignored the date range if not filtering reports by department. This was a bug introduced in 7.023 and fixed (7.025).
  • Fixed - Training - when a person is put on a training course, if they did not have date required for the training topic, it is made the same as the course date. If they did have a requirement date it is not changed (7.025).
  • Fixed - In training, selecting an existing training course now shows course ID (7.024).
  • Fixed - Training - the course roster of employees now allows a sign off for both employee and trainer (7.024).
  • Fixed - "Bind Error" reported in Enterprise if user has access to selected departments and more than about 15-20 departments. There is now no limit on number of departments in the filter (7.023).
  • Fixed - Exit button from menu sometimes resulted in message unable to open MDI window on slow computer or if button pressed twice (7.023).
  • General note if more than one version of H&S Compliance Manager is installed. Message "dll error with c55ascx.dll" or if control pops out of the application, there is probably more than one version of H&S Compliance Manager accessible in the Windows path. Ensure only one version of the application is installed or, if more than one, all versions are at the same level, or only one version is accessible in the Windows path.

V8 - 7.022


  • Added employment notes which may have attachments. Employment notes now on same tab as Disciplinary actions. (7.022 - 20/6/11)
  • Employee details changes so the a) Employee work details moved to Employment tab; b) Hazardous substances an employee is exposed to moved to Employee exposure tab.
  • Employee individual training report now shows procedure ID in report.
  • Employee training history may have attachments e.g. a scanned certificate.
  • Training courses now show course ID and number of people on the course. Courses have a location that is extracted when the course is created from the preferred supplier which may be changed in the individual course and prints in the course notifications for people and the report for the trainer. The course ID shows for each person scheduled on a training course.
  • Training topic lookup changes to sort by training topic ID, procedure ID or preferred provider.
  • Equipment issue changes for employees extended to issuing equipment for employees, locations, department and assets (such as vehicles).
    1. Equipment issues now performed from a new icon on the toolbar. Equipment may now be issued to employees, departments, location and assets such as vehicles.
    2. Equipment types may have a check frequency specified in the edit / Equipment type / update form and equipment checks are scheduled on this frequency unless the issue has its recheck frequency locked in the equipment issue.
    3. Equipment issues may be viewed by recheck date, employee, location, department or asset type.
    4. Multiple tagged equipment checks may be recorded at one time as 'passed' or 'failed' and a record of all checks is kept for audit purposes.
    5. Multiple tagged equipment issues may be returned, written off or returned-and-reissued.
    6. All equipment issues may have a tag ID to identify the equipment.
    7. Event email notifications are sent to the person responsible for the equipment, or their reports to person or department manager and for assets, the person responsible for the asset or the department the asset is issued to.
  • Multiple assets involved in an incident may be linked to the incident incident from the select assets button in the property tab.
  • Employee Licences and Certificates may now have attachments.
  • Hazardous substances may have attachments, e.g. Materials data sheets which may be a file or a URL reference to a web site.
  • Employee rehabilitation and individual rehabilitation actions may now have attachments.
  • Users may now filter an unrestricted number of departments throughout the system. in the Enterprise edition if a user was restricted to viewing only certain departments and there were more than about 18 departments, sometimes a 'bind' error would be reported. This has been corrected.

V8 - 7.018

  • Added new incident investigation summary report with both brief incident description and investigation summary. From Incidents, tag incidents to be included or date selection then press Incident reports button. Select one of the 3 incident summary reports.
  • Addition of attachments for incident investigation summary and incident actions. To attach a document, press the Add attachment button and select the attachment file to add to the incident. All attachments are moved to a central folder so they are available to all users with security to see the attachment. Any selected attachment may be viewed in Interned explorer by pressing the View attachment button. If attachments are present they will be identified in reports. Note: This is a trial before attachments are added throughout the rest of the application.
  • Added import from QSE Risk Manager to H&S Compliance Manager for employees from File / Options / payroll Import Options.
  • Added import from QSE Risk Manager to H&S Compliance Manager for QSE procedures to training topics.

V8 - 7.015

  • In Health monitoring, the tabs to sort the employees being monitored have been changed to allow extra sorting. Also the window may be maximised to allow a greater number of staff to be seen at one time.
  • Changes for training topics screen and reports to allow views by training topic ID or procedure ID.
  • QSE Risk Manager to H&S Compliance Manager import interface added. Set options in Payroll import options to point to the QSE exported Employee.xml and Proc.xml. Before importing, these must be exported from QSE Risk Manager from File/Maintenance/Export employees and procedures to H&S Compliance Manager. When QSE procedures are imported from they will be placed into the training topics in HSE so training for QSE procedures may be recorded in HSE.
V8 - 7.014
  • Training history reports to and from dates changed from system date format to dd/mm/yy format because some computers do not have the correct system date format set up.
  • Payroll import options extended to import up to four separate IMS payrolls.
  • Clear Pay information facility added. File / Maintenance / File maintenance / Clear staff HR pay details clears all HR pay details, pay review details and forecasted pay review details from HSE data files. Note this dose not alter any information in the payroll files.
V8 - 7.013
  • Custom reports now allow filters. My Custom Reports which allows the creation of reusable reports for employee, hazards and incidents now asks if you would like to apply a filter to the selection.
  • Automatic screen resizing for each user. Users may resize the main application window by dragging in the sides of the window and these settings are remembered and restored. This feature is set on of off using the File / Save and restore screen size toggle. If the toggle is off the screen will be made almost the entire display size. If the toggle is on user's screen size is saved whenever the application terminates and restored on entry if the user is on the same computer. To change the window size click over the boarders and drag to make the window bigger or smaller. To change the position, drag the title bar around with the mouse. To prevent user screen resizing for all users, set the option in QSE.INI
  • Bug fix. The Issue documents to employees could show multiple rows for the same employee, depending on the number of documents that had been issued to each employee. This is fixed in this release.
V8 - 7.012
  • Training matrix reports for selected departments exported to Excel. From menu select Training then Department training reports. . Tag department(s) required then select the matrix to Excel report.
  • Export library publications now checks for a folder name relative to the installation folder (.) and and changes it to a specified folder before exporting. The default folder is the application installation folder if non specified. This is used for copying or backing up documents in the library.
V8 - 7.011
  • Facility to turn off showing overdue staff training in the staff browse. Version 7 added the feature to show if staff with overdue training on the staff list along with the oldest overdue training. This may be switched off by editing the QSE.INI configuration file and adding a line under the [Options] sect ion...



V8 - 7.010

  • Bug fix - Action message "Terminated employee (name) was the approver for supplier" was being generated for suppliers even without an approver when employees were being terminated. This error sometimes resulted in many general actions. Version 7.010 corrects this error.
  • The actions above may be removed automatically by selecting
    File / Options / Maintenance / Remove actions after updating to version 7.010. Note that if there are thousands of action this may take a long time so it is best run overnight. You can cancel the process and restart it at a later time.
  • A check is made for the person being terminated which would prevent payroll imports. If this occurrs an action message is generated for the the system administrator.
V8 - 7.008
  • New Contract Number field added to incidents. This data may be extracted via MyIncident reports. To enable this new field to be seen in incidents the following must be added to QSE.INI setup file in the HSE installation folder.

  • MyIncident reports now allows a query to restrict incidents in report to Excel.
V8 - 7.007
  • New payroll import options feature to allow Staff ID translation on import. This allows either changing payroll types or changing staff ID's in a payroll and retaining the original staff ID in the H&S Compliance Manager application. When set on Staff ID translation is set on in the payroll import options, at the first merge new Staff ID's from the payroll may be matched to existing staff ID's. Once all rules have been set the merge takes place.
V8 - 7.006
  • Training topic list with staff photos report now only prints staff with training completed that is also current along with the date the training was completed and the next training date.
V8 - 7.005
  • Staff home email address added. If payroll import option to ignore email is set to yes, the email address from payroll will be the work email but if the option is set to no the email will be the home email. Payrolls normally have the home email because this is where pay advices are sent.
  • Staff option to lock employment status against being modified by either the payroll import or non-H/R staff. This option allows allows casual staff to be left as non-terminated in the payroll yet being terminated in HSE without a payroll import changing the status.
V8 - 7.004
  • Incident individual body parts may now be selected.
  • Incident reports - new graph options for individual body parts, day of week, time of day and contributing hazards.
  • Customisable hazard assessment schemes have always been available but now the total risk score has been increased to 5 digits.
  • Contractors review dates and review person report added (Enterprise).
  • Employees with overdue training now shown on employee list along with the earliest overdue training date. Also fixed a situation where a terminated employee may still have had training in the calendar. This occurred if their job type was restored by payroll import which automatically scheduled new training for the employee.
  • Hazardous substances window can now be maximised.


Version 7

  • New Incident graphing options to both the screen and reports including graphs by user reporting category, contributing hazards (or root cause hazards), process types, task types, time of day and day of week. All report graphs have been made a bit smaller and generally tidied up. These new graphs may be selected when generating the report or default options set from the menu - Edit incident statistics defaults / report selection tab.
  • New Incident graphing options to both the screen and reports including graphs by user reporting category, contributing hazards (or root cause hazards), process types, task types, time of day and day of week. All report graphs have been made a bit smaller and generally tidied up. These new graphs may be selected when generating the report or default options set from the menu - Edit incident statistics defaults / report selection tab.
  • Increased Incident graphing selections for the screen and reports so that incidents will be selected for graphing only if the user has security for the incident departments. Previously all departments’ incidents were shown if no incidents were tagged. In addition, incidents can be confined for graphing to only those selected and tagged from an incident query or from the incidents browse screen.
  • New customised Incident reports to Excel may be created, saved and reused. You may create customised reports using selected incident data and send these to Excel. From the menu, select File / My custom reports / My incident reports.
  • Incident costs and lost time has had several changes to make it easier to use.
    1. When a Costing* Template is selected for an incident, it has 3 levels: a) Cost Category, b) Cost Type and c) Cost item. Previously, all three levels could be inserted, removed or changed - causing confusion. This ability has been removed. Now only cost items may be inserted, changed or deleted.
    2. Pressing enter over a Cost Type now is the same as pressing the add button, it inserts a new cost item under it.
    3. The prompt button for to select a Costing Template is in a more prominent position.
    4. The Cost Type for lost time is now indicated on the display.
    *Note: Costing Templates for costs and / or lost time may be customised or new ones create. See menu / Edit Incident costing templates.
  • Incident entry window rearranged to make it more intuitive. After the new incident wizard has been completed the selections normally set by the pre-incident wizard have been moved to a tab behind the current incident status on the right of the window.
  • New Calendar option to print list of overdue events. From the "All events" tab, pressing the "Print event list" button asks if overdue events only are required or all events.
  • Contractor’s Contracts ( Enterprise) may now be linked to multiple locations, tasks, processes and materials or substances. This allows a new contract hazard report to select all the hazards contractors may be exposed to while performing the contract. All selection windows and reports have been updated for multiple selections.
  • New Contract hazard report ( Enterprise) contains contract details, contract specific safety notes as well as hazards the contractor may be exposed to including hazard description, work instructions, PPE and any uncompleted actions for the hazard. In addition any materials or substances used are listed with emergency first aid.
  • Contractor approval date is now shown at top of contractor scopes window in Enterprise edition.
  • Supplier list now shows the name of the approver and the approval expiry date.
  • Contractor approvals are now displayed in the order of latest approval change date for auditing purposes. Also contractor approval dates now refreshed in window properly after being changed.
  • Supplier and contractor position added in contacts .
  • Approvers check when leaving. When a Contractor’s approver becomes an ex-employee, an action (and possibly an event email if set up) will be sent to the person terminating the employee, saying that someone should re-approve the supplier so that the system knows who to send contractor approval reminders to.
  • Equipment Issued to staff now always places “equipment next check date” in the calendar, even if the check date is before the issue date. Previously, only check dates after the issue date were recorded in the calendar. Note: the upgrade to version 7 places these in the calendar for currently issued equipment, so it would be worth checking the calendar.
  • New customised Hazard reports to Excel may be created, saved and reused. You may create customised reports using selected hazard data and send these to Excel. From the menu, select File / My custom reports / My hazard reports.
  • Hazards may now be linked to multiple locations, tasks, processes and materials or substances. This allows reports to select all the hazards a staff member may be exposed to. All selection windows and reports have been updated for multiple selections.
  • Hazardous substances reports include all associated hazards as well as a summary of PPE required for all hazards.
  • Multiple locations for Hazards. Previously generic hazards did not have a location specified but now all locations where people may be exposed to the hazard may be selected.
  • Health monitoring program now has hazards related to the monitoring so that monitoring may be terminated when all hazards have been eliminated.
  • Health monitoring extra tabs added to show employees by last/first name, first/last name, and department as well as ex employees.
  • HR -Staff turnover reports has a new item showing staff without a business unit or job category so that the total in lines matches the "all staff" total.
  • HR -Employee reviews now includes the option for disciplinary actions during the review period, and notes for the employee. This, in addition to HR details, pay details (for selected payrolls), benefits and allowances, medical details, employee incident summary, review notes and follow up notes. Email events may be set up to be sent to the person conducting the review or the HR administrator. To set up employment review types go to edit / review types.
  • HR -An employee’s Payroll Department and Payroll Position HR may be edited in the HR employment tab for staff. These values are normally imported from the payroll. The payroll import will not overwrite the edited values o they are not blank. Note: The Payroll Position (the person's status) is not necessarily the same as the Job Type, which is for associating jobs to tasks, processes and training. The Payroll Department in a payroll is often a cost centre and may be different from Department in HSE.
  • Meeting may have incidents and accidents linked. These are linked to the individual meeting not the meeting group and are printed in brief in the meeting report. This could be used for bringing accidents and incidents to the attention of staff.
  • Meetings - minor change in meeting report minutes “........” has been replaced with the word minutes.
  • New support for iPayroll (online payroll) is now supported for up to 3 staff CSV files. To use this facility, contact iPayroll support to make the H&S Compliance Manager export report available. Print the report for each payroll and save contents to a folder. In H&S Compliance Manager File menu file / options / payroll import options select import from CSV file and select the iPayroll report CSV files. Before importing, the QSE.INI configuration file must be edited in notepad adding the following under [IMPORT] section because iPayroll CSV files are non-standard and each line ends only with a line feed character: For CSV files 1,2 or 3 add
  • Payrolls supported are ACE,IMS,iPayroll,MYOB,Comacc and others including HR applications via CSV.
  • New customised Employee reports to Excel may be created, saved and reused. You may create customised reports using selected incident data and send these to Excel. From the menu, select File / My custom reports / My employee reports.
  • Staff may be linked to multiple locations, tasks, processes and materials or substances. This allows reports to select all the hazards a staff member may be exposed to. All selection windows and reports have been updated for multiple selections. The individual employee hazard exposure report searches for all hazards that an employee is exposed to based on tasks (the employee may do), processes (the employee may be involved in), job types, locations and hazardous substances.
  • Staff report to person may now be made from outside of the user’s security view by checking "show all staff".
  • Added facility to lock an employee's department against automatic updates from a payroll import. To activate, check on Lock Department in the staff / employment tab.
  • Training due days to go is now colour coded. Overdue is red, training within 7 days is blue, and within 30 days olive. The default is black.
  • Training - Staff holding certificates and licence types may be displayed and printed by certificate type or licence type from menu / training / browse certificates by type.
  • Training Competency levels may now be either alphabetic or numeric (if used). If a training competency level code is changed from the menu / Edit / training competency levels, all current staff training with the old competency levels will be updated to the new competency level value. However, training history will not be altered.
  • NZQA Training module has had more memory allocated as we had received a report that, when used for an extended time (hours), it could cause the application to run short of memory and close.
  • Application look and feel may be changed. Because the background is a high definition image, this may not display properly in older 16-colour screens. To override these settings you can add the following lines to QSE.INI.
    WallPaper= (file name of wall paper for application frame eg: small.gif)
    WallPaperPos=Tiled or Centred (default is to Stretched the image)
    ToolBarWallPaper= (file name of wall paper for Toolbar)
    ToolBarWallPaperPos=Tiled or Centred (default is to Stretched the image)


Version 6 Release 6.025
1 Sept 08

  • Hazards may now be associated with multiple hazardous substances. The hazardous substances reports include all associated hazards as well as a summary of PPE required for all hazards.
  • Hazardous substances now directly associated with selected employees from the employee details record. The individual employee hazard exposure report searches for all hazards that an employee is exposed to based on tasks (the employee may do), processes (the employee may be involved in), job types, locations and hazardous substances.
  • Multiple locations for Hazards added. Previously generic hazards did not have a location specified but now all locations where people may be exposed to the hazard may be selected.
  • Contractor approvals shown in the order of latest approval change date to help for auditing purposes. Also contractor approval dates now refreshed in window properly after being changed.
  • Supplier and contractor contacts position field has been added.
  • Health Monitoring program now has related hazards so that monitoring may be terminated when hazards have been eliminated.
  • Meeting may have incidents and accidents linked. These are linked to the individual meeting not the meeting group and are printed in brief in the meeting report. This could be used for bringing accidents and incidents to the attention of staff. Also, in the minutes ........ has been replaced with the word minutes.
  • Health monitoring employee order tabs for last/first name, first/last name and department as well as ex employees have been added.
  • Employee reports to may now be selected outside of user security area by checking "show all staff" in selection.
  • Payroll Department and Payroll Position in the employee HR employment tab may be edited now. These are the values imported from the payroll and normally left as is. If importing from a payroll and these are not blank they will overwrite the edited values. Note: The Payroll Position ( the person's status) is not necessarily the same as the Job Type, which is for associating the job to tasks, processes and training. The Payroll Department in a payroll is often a cost centre and may be different from Department in HSE.
  • If a terminated employee is the approver for suppliers, an action and possibly an email will be sent to the person terminating the employee, saying that someone should reapprove the supplier so that the system knows who to send contractor approval reminders to.
  • In the employee record, associated tasks, processes, work locations and hazardous substances now show a list of those chosen to help see the important ones. To change the selections press the associated change button and tag the new selection.
  • Incident costs and Lost time entry has been made a easier. When a costing template* is selected in an incident, it has 3 levels: 1. Cost Category, 2 Cost Type and 3. Cost item. The ability to add/change or delete Cost Category and Cost Type has been removed to make the process easier to use. Only the Cost Item may be added/changed or deleted. In addition
    - The button to include a costing template is in a more prominant position.
    - The cost type entry that lost time is inserted under now has a comment to indicate this.
    *Note: organisations may create their own cost / lost time templates that have fewer entries if required.
  • Incident entry window rearranged to make it more intuitive. After the new incident wizard has been completed the selections normally set by the pre-incident wizard have been moved to a tab behind the current incident status on the right of the window.
  • Those dreaded VCR controls have been removed from most lists, browses and lookups. These were a previous "Windows Standard" that were supposed to look like the buttons on a VCR player - and were about as intuitive too.

    We will continue removing these as we come across them during other changes.
  • Facility to lock an employee's department against automatic updates from a the payroll import. To activate check on Lock Department in the employee / employement tab. Only change for version 6.022 released 15 July 08.


Version 6 Release 6.021
11 Jul 08
  • Staff turnover report updated with more options.
  • Employee birth dates and ages output to Excel. From browse staff, select the tab for a report order then press the HR reports button. Select the Employee Ages to excel report.
  • NZAQ units and qualifications updated rather than overwritten so any user entries will be retained. Note, if non NZQA unit numbers are added use 99000+ as it is unlikely NZQA will use high numbers.
  • Clone security group facility added.
  • Employee middle names are stripped off and placed into a middle names field in the employee record when importing from a payroll. A middle name is after the first blank in the payroll first name field.
  • New default email report to SMTP facility created. From release 6.021 the company setup can specify SMTP+pdf as the default for emailing reports. The report will be emailed to the currently logged user who may redirect it another recipient.
  • New user email report to SMTP facility. In addition to the default method of emailing reports, each logged on use may have their own method for emailing reports specified in their individual login details.
  • Imported payroll employees may be routed to a department based on either their pay center or both the pay center and the particular file imported. This means if there are duplicates pay centers in imported pay companies that may be separated. See payroll import options.
  • Slow line facility for individual users (hse.exe "/S") or all users:
    This will also turn off the splash screen at the start of the application.
  • Customised application wallpaper file may be added for a company. Edit configuration file QSE.INI
    WallPaper=filename .......... Default is to stretch the image over the window
    WallPaperPos=Centered .....(Optional - center the image)
    WallPaperPos=Tiled ...........(Optional - tile the image)
    Wallpaper files may be a .GIF, .BMP or .JPG.

Release 6.018 & 6.017
27 May 2008
  • Repeat employee actions, hazard actions and (general) actions added. If a repeat frequency in months is specified when adding or changing an action a new action will be generated for the appropiate date after the current action is completed. The repeat frequency will be carried forward to the new action. To stop an action repeating set the repeat months to zero. Also general actions now show a tick when completed.
  • Enterprise and HR system evaluation option added to trial edition. Call CSL to run through this option before running the trial the first time.
  • Added ability to access HR setup tables from Edit menu - Agreement types, Business units, Benefits and allowances, Job categories, Job functions and Review types.

Release 6.016
5 May 2008
  • Customisable incident investigation focus elements facility added.
  • HR administrator is identified in the company setup.
  • HR adiminstrator may optionally enable other users to access HR information either globally or their own department (user login security).
  • Email notifications may now be sent to the "Reports To" person for an employee. This allows emails for certian events to be directed to the employee's manager or supervisor.
  • Email notifications may be sent to the HR Administrator. The HR Administrator is set up in the Company information along with the Safety Administrator (renamed from Safety Officer).
  • HR Module now available to all Enterprise users. If you would like to start using the new HR module features please call support for a new access key.

    The HR module currently includes the following features:

    • Export employee information to Excel
    • Employee notes and actions report
    • Employee disciplinary report
    • Employee period disciplinary summary report
    • Export employee pay rates and review dates to Excel
    • Query employee information facility (queries may be saved and reused)
    • Extended employee HR information such as: business unit, job function, job category, agreement types, termination type and comments, pay details, employee benefits and allowances, last and forecast review details
    • Employee reviews of different types may be created and assigned to reviewers
    • Automatic email reminders when reviews due
    • Reviewer may update information online. HR review, completed reviews, make notes and lock reviews against change.
    • Review reports printed or emailed to reviewers if required.
    • Job turnover and labour turnover reports for company, business units, job functions and job categories within business units.

    ... And there are more features coming ... as you request them.

    NOTE: If Gold or Express users are interested in the HR module please contact us to discuss this.

Release 6.015
2 April 2008
  • Added facility to assign an action to an employee outside of current view of staff (setup in login security - applicable in the Enterprise edition). For example, the current employee may be restricted to a set of departments but needs to assign the action to be performed by someone in a department they normally do not have access to. In the employee lookup tick the check box to look up all staff.
  • Added ability to update hazard checks for a group of tagged hazards at one time. This makes it easier to update hazards with changed conditions individually, then update hazards where conditions have not changed all at one time.
  • Contracts module - extended length of the contractor services field.
    NOTE: The contracts module is standard in the Enterprise version and optional in Gold and Express editions. It extends the suppliers module by adding contractor reviews and notifications, contractor scopes, individual contracts and documents and notifications to contract supervisors when contracts need reviewing. Call for more information.
  • Contracts module - contractor browse now shows expiry dates rather than last review dates. In addition, the system administrator may select an employee who will be able to approve the contractor. If no one is selected, the (default) approver will be the person setting up the contractor. This is the person who will receive contract review email notifications.
  • Added search for a supplier and contractor by supplier names as well as contractor scopes (eg: show all roading contractors).
  • Training competency levels now shown in the Export Training to Excel report in square brackets (eg: [4]).
  • Tagged equipment may now be checked at one time and next check date set. For example all equipment issued to a person can be tagged and the next check date set.
  • Equipment check reports extended. Can print with any of the criteria now shown on the window. Can also now print all equipment for a department or person.
  • Equipment types may now have an expected life (in months). If it is set, the equipment browse and equipment issue reports will now show the expected replacement date as the issue date plus the expected life.
  • Job Type is now consistently named where it was sometimes called Job Title before. Job Type is used to link to tasks. The HR section contains the actual Job Title passed from the payroll but job Type may be different from this.
  • New report to show all the places a task is referenced. From Edit / Tasks, tag the task required and print the report Where are tasks used.
  • Comacc Payroll interface updated for Comacc 2008. The Comacc interface now supports importing up to 3 companies which may all have different versions of Comacc software. Comacc interface requires the Microsoft Visual Foxpro driver - Download driver from:
  • MYOB Payroll interface added. MYOB interface requires the Microsoft Visual Foxpro driver (see above).
  • MYOB pay rates (pay type, hourly rate, equivalent salary, salary and frequency) may be imported from the payroll if users have the HR Module. From import payroll options, in the HR tab, turn on import pay rates. This is used for salary reviews.
  • Severity and Location tabs in accident statistics did not show in some versions. This has now been fixed.
  • Added facility to turn off / on the default login prompt of LoginID=DEMO - from File / Security.

Version 6
24 Aug 2007
  • HSENotifier versions now runs as process or service on the server providing escalating automatic emails for events even when no one is logged on to the server. (Note: HSENotifier.exe is the version that runs as a task and HSENotifierC.exe runs as a service. Help contains instructions or call for help in setting this up.)
  • Thin-client version of H&S Compliance Manager updated to latest version which allows access to application and database from remote sites via Internet.
  • Training topic SOP's and version control enables the procedure name on all training topics and the current version of the procedure eg:SOP-406-201 Ver sion 3. After changing the SOP/WOP version you will be able to see all employees who need to be notified or retrained.
  • Library publications now contain SOP/WOP procedure names enabling SOP's to be stored in the library for access by employees.
  • Save incident graphs as files that can be placed in word documents.
  • MYOB Payroll 2007 interface added.

Release 5.016
9 May 07
  • Supplier contracts window now included for all suppliers where previously it was only included for contractors. This allows individual supplier contracts to be monitored along with supplier incidents, scopes and contract and contractor renewals. (Supplier contracts is in Enterprise version only)
  • Query incidents changed to prevent incidents without any mechanism being included with incidents with the selected mechanism. Note this may be used to select any combination of incident data to tag incidents to be included in reports.
  • Actions reports added. From Action menu item or actions window, selected actions or actions summary may be printed.
  • Full actions details now printed for incidents, hazards, rehabilitation, employees actions, health monitoring and general actions - in addition to the brief description.
  • Employee individual training report altered to give more room for large training topic names without overflowing to a new line.
  • Employee previous name field added. When an employee name has been changed, eg due to marriage, manually or via payroll import the previous name is shown.
  • Training date field size increased to accommodate dates with month name specified.
  • Training topic change from within the training window now shows new details on the training window.
  • Training provider in a course is now optional.
  • Employee licences and certificates may be updated from Edit menu and training window now so employees may enter their own drivers licence information without needing access to other employee data.
  • MDI window can not be opened error fixed. Occurred sometimes when starting application on some workstations. The database verification task started before the main window had fully opened. If you encounter his error again please call.
  • Removed default employement type of 'Permanent' when adding new employee. Now must be selected (unless imported from payroll).
  • H&S Compliance Manager tested well under Windows Vista . Note: each user requires administrator rights to install or run the application beacuse it can creator sub folders and files. If you need more information please call us.
  • Option to suppress employee address and telephone ability from payroll imports added.
  • Hazards reports for tasks, processes and job types, available from registry menu item, have been reformatted because some printers were truncating report on right side.
  • Employment types browse and update available from Edit menu
  • Facility to prevent individual users starting the Event Notifier. This allows IT to run the notifier on server and ensures users cannot start the notifier under a Citrix or Terminal Server. To apply, edit QSE.INI and line under the options section (note the case is important)
  • Removed facility to upgrade from version 1 . Upgrading from versions 2 and 3 now must be performed by CSL. Version 4 is now the minimum version supported.

1 Apr 07
  • Employee contacts browse and update changed to enable modifying work, home, crisis contact and medical information. This is useful for branches to update contact information without needing access to other employee records. A new payroll import option may be set to prevent the payroll import from overwriting home and telephone contact details.
  • Training history summary report changed to note that training totals may include training for employees that have subsequently left.
  • Help user updated to latest version. Note: Help contains training videos to assist users learning the application.
  • Issue equipment to employee from within an employee now shows equipment cost at time of issue. Before this was captured but not shown.
  • Incidents not yet investigated in department incident investigation times graph now shown in red.
  • Update Employment types added to edit menu.
  • Email report toggle no longer needs a subject. This may be added in Outlook.
  • Employee disciplinary information may now only be changed by administrators. Employee discipline reports reformatted.
  • HSE Thin-client version updated to latest release.
  • Employee crisis contact extended for medical information including practice, medical alerts and medical notes.
  • Licences , licence IDs as well as classes and endosements now shown in employee individual training report. Also useful for tracking passports.
  • Incident serious harm notification updated for Department of Labour, Maritime Safety and CAA. Lookup for 'notified by whom' and 'report sent by whom' fixed.
  • HR Module - Added employee last pay review rates and date, forecast pay rates and date.

12 Mar 07
  • IMPORTANT - Ace Payroll 3.28+ support updated - This release of ACE Payroll changed the ACE employee.dta file. If you have updated your ACE Payroll, H&S Compliance Manager version 5.012 update or above must be applied before running H&S Compliance Manager to import employee changes from ACE.
  • HR Module beta 2 - Comacc employee review date imported.

7 Mar 07
  • Employees without contact details may be queried and tagged.
  • Email Notifier updated. No significant changes.
  • HR Module - Report to summarise salary and wages to Excel added.
  • Payroll Interface option to import salary and wages from Comacc, IMS Payroll Patrner and CSV file. ACE payroll import not updated yet.
    Note - the default to not import any $fields has not changed.
  • Hazard summary report 1 changed so description does not overwrite next line.
  • Issued equipment report has own security entry so supervisors may have access to report without ability to change issued equipment.
  • Employees may be deleted only if they have been terminated first.
  • Staff discipline/notes now only accessible by an administrator.
  • Print training topic report, from training screen, can now print tagged training.
  • Hazard update tabs for extra training and staff notice only show if they have data entered. Data should be moved from these areas to work instructions and then deleted to close the tabs.
  • Help windows now may open while application is running.
  • Query Employees fixed so that certificate and training displays results.
  • Thin-client/Server version updated release 5.011. The thin client/server version has a tiny security module at the client end which connects via internet to a server. The application actually runs on the server end. It is a bit like Citrix or Terminal Server but faster. From the user's perspective it looks just like the Windows version, except for a few restrictions, so there is no change in user training.

12 Feb 07
  • H/R module Beta 1 (For Enterprise beta testers only at this stage). H/R module may be available for other organisations after testing is complete.
  • User defined Employee Employment types & Termination types (all versions) added.
  • User defined Business units, Job categories, Job functions and Agreement types (H/R Extension only) added.
  • Simple hazard summary report list with Id , Review date, Description, Department, location, Risk rating added.
  • Incident statistics reports now for tagged tagged incidents as well as date range.
  • Incidents may be tagged by any incident related criteria for reports.
  • Email event notifier task - new version 5.010.
  • Adobe PDF reader 7 support added.
  • Internet Explorer 7 support added.

9 Nov 06
  • New insurance claims report format (access from Registry/ Insurance claims)
  • New incident list report to give brief list of incidents.
  • All actions window now identifies the id of the entity the action is for - e.g. hazard ID, incident id, person...
  • Equipment checks - last date equipment checked now kept as well as next date. Also shows on equipment check report for QA auditors.
  • Training - removed ability to add training for a blank topic.

31 Oct 2006
  • Login name extended to 50 characters and password to 20 characters.
  • Create automatic logins option when adding employee from CSV import file (see CSV employee import file specification pdf).
  • Original payroll department and job title saved to new additional fields in employee record when importing employees, even if these options are normally off. This allows both original department and job title to be accessed even if different one used for H&S.
  • Overdue training by topic report added.
  • Employee home phone and cell phone report added.
  • Last equipment-check date retained along with the next due date so this information may be shown to auditors for quality assurance. These are also printed on equipment check reports.

Version 5

Note when upgrading from HSE version 4 to 5.x
- If you currently have NZQA units and qualifications entered a check is made to ensure these are not duplicates for an employee. If duplicates exist an error message is produced. If you encounter this, ring support and we will eliminate duplicates from your files.

Oct 2006
  • New training report lists all employees trained for a selected training topics (or all training topics). Accessed from Menu/Training .
  • Spell checking added throughout entire application. Pressing the F7 key invokes a spell check on the field being edited. Each employee who can log on has their own custom spelling dictionary which is removed when the employee logon is removed.
  • Only a terminated employee may be deleted. This is to ensure that all events the employee were scheduled for are rescheduled to someone else or removed.
  • Employee individual training report includes training history for topics that are no longer required (see #649 in release 4.024). In addition all NZQA units and qualifications passed are included.
  • Incident details report - investigation layout changed.
  • Email reports with attached PDF in the email. The upgrade changes this to the default method for emailing reports. Previously it used attached RTFs. This option can be changed from the company setup.
  • Incident investigation times report changed to only show departments the logged on employee has access to (Enterprise).
  • New incidents query and search used to tag incidents based on any information contained in them. Accessed from browse incidents screen. Tagged incidents may be returned to browse list and reports generated.
  • New NZQA training module added, in addition to normal training. Records units and qualifications along with level credits . Includes full lists of all NZQA units and qualifications (saves entering these).
  • Meeting report changes. Several cosmetic improvements.
  • Meeting report attendee comment printed against attendee name.
  • Incidents by user category. Display was not using to and from dates.
  • Terminated employee entries in the calendar are either removed, if applicable, or rescheduled to another person.
  • Changing job type training now ignores any terminated employees.
  • Summary of incidents reports - swapped total incident counts for quality and security incidents. This is fixed.
  • Meeting window attendees spelling on member corrected.
  • Message attempt to use OS2Perso before opening when starting application - fixed.
  • Message unable to open MDI on thread when starting application. This is a timing issue when starting on some computers - fixed.

Version 4.2 May 2006

Release (4029-4031)
  • Changed training to record Certificate ID and Personal ID.
  • Added training topic report with employee photos e.g. to show all first aiders with photos
  • Changed licences and certificates to record endorsements and ID.
  • Added online application help and training videos. By default, when the toolbar help button or menu help is selected, the software will link to online help on our web site. If required, local help, installed with the application, may be selected by turning this on in Update Company Information. This was required because of the recent Microsoft XP security patches which have disabled HTML application help. This is not an HSE error, it is a network setup option and the ability to display HTML help can be turned back on by removing the patches that prevented HTML help from displaying. See Microsoft knowledge base
  • Added Contracts Module (Enterprise only at this stage), review contractors and contracts and add attachments for contracts.
  • Added asset module to record assets and link assets to property incidents.
  • Fixed security issue that sometimes disabled actions and other functions when updating to version 4028.
  • Fixed issue emailing notifications to email address with an embedded "-".
  • Changed staff disciplinary actions reports to print all information.
  • Changed staff qualifications unit standards to display units with larger numbers.
  • Added export hazards to XML file for displaying in browser (Enterprise only).
  • Added facility to turn off facility to broadcast messages to all users. Edit QSE.INI file in Notepad and add lines below (note the case is important) then save the QSE.INI file. This will turn off notices to users. You must be on version 4.025 or above to do this.
    In Col 1 add the following lines

Version 4.1 April 2006

(4027), (4028)
  • Changed incident details report so any details may be included or excluded in report. This allows selected incident details to be printed for staff.
  • Added facility to configure new incident wizard options (File/options/wizards/update). Note the wizard is created the first time a new incident is entered after the addition of version 4.027. Wizard options are:
    (a) Wizard required (default = on, can be turned off)
    (b) Prevent cancelling out of wizard before all questions answered (default on, can be turned off)
    (c) Protect answers returned from wizard so only a system administrator may change them after the wizard has completed (default on, can be turned off)
  • Explanations for New Incident wizard questions may be added by the system administrator so staff can be prompted at each choice. For example this could be helpful in defining what a serious harm is or what level of incident must be reported. Also it is possible to change the order of wizard questions and suppress questions. Take care when changing questions as the software relies on answers to enable/disable parts of the incident form.
  • Changed meeting report minutes so that each agenda item may have minutes printed after the item. Note: previous meeting's minutes appear at the end of agenda items.
  • Added facility to export employee names and addresses to Excel for mail merge and other uses. Note: for Enterprise, users may only export employees they have security access to see.
  • Changed training window to be able to order employees by Staff ID and also training topic report to show staff ID's. (4028)

  • #654 Added support for Adobe Acrobat 7 Reader. Updating to release 4026 is required if you have updated to Acrobat Reader version 7.0 otherwise Library publications with a local pdfs or a url's pointing to a pdf will not display correctly.
  • #688 Changed Incident Summary report to now show the names of the person opening the incident and the person involved.
  • #723 Changed Incident Details report so that each section in the report can be included or omitted by selecting check boxes before entering the report.
  • #724 Corrected Incident Details report, two spelling typos.

Release 4025
  • #681 Fixed - Training topic frequency when reduced set wrong next date due
  • #673 Fixed - Health monitoring report did not show people to be monitored after 1st monitoring event
  • #674 Fixed - Employees' details for health monitoring and rehabilitation in Enterprise edition were not being filtered based on site.

Releases (4022 - 4024 )
  • #649 Changed - Employee individual training history report now prints all history even if topic no longer required
  • #660 Fixed 4024- Error message -could not open ImportPub.csv when updating from any previous version. If HSE was installed on network folder with a drive mapped to the folder then the file was found but could not be opened. This has been corrected.
  • #651 Added certificate/licence ID field added to entry forms and email notifications contain certificate / licence ID.
  • #650 Changed 4023 - Insurance claims internal claim number can be overwritten.
    646 Fixed - Employee Query tag all employees with outstanding training was not reporting all employees correctly.
  • Added - Ability to remove the DEMO login prompt.
    1. Locate the folder where the application is installed. To do this, log in to the software then go to File / Registration / View Registered Options. "Installed Here" shows where this folder is.
    2. From Explorer or My Computer, go to the folder then locate and edit the file called QSE.INI. (The extension may not always be shown). To edit the file double click to open it in Notepad.
    3. Locate the section [Options]. If it is not there go to the end of the file and on a new line key in - starting in column 1 add the lines below (note the case is important)
    4. Save changes - File / save. Exit notepad and restart application.

Version 4.0
New in version 4 .0
  • A new publications library linking to PDF's, HTML documents, URL's to Intranet and Web sites and Flash videos
  • New calendar of activities and events from all through the system
  • System of escalating alert notifications for events due or overdue
  • Automatic emailing of alert notifications
  • New HTML help with embedded Flash Video for using the software
  • New employee training section - all training updated from one screen
  • Access to H&S Compliance Manager from home, a remote site or branch via Internet / Intranet or from a notebook or in the field with mobile internet. Not available for Express. Requires extra license for Gold. Standard for Enterprise. Call for details.
  • Gold version may be upgraded to Enterprise version which separates departments/sites but with central reporting
  • New section for employee warnings
  • Reports updated and new reports added
  • Outlook 2000+ for emailing reports
  • Incidents expanded to include safety (serious and non-serious harm & near misses), property, quality and environmental damage and security incidents
  • Insurance claims database
  • New interfaces for payroll files, IMS, Comacc and ACE payrolls and the addition of a csv file employee import.

Upgrading from version 2 or 3 Version 4.0 was an entire overhaul of versions 2 and 3. The menu looks the same but there is vastly more functionality as well as being even easier to use. Your data from previous versions is updated automatically when you update. Versions 4 and below are no longer supported but data may be updated to the latest version.

Updating from version 1.0, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4. Version 1 is very old and no longer supported. There is an upgrade path for your data and it is best for us to do this for you because it is a multi-step operation. If you are still using version 1, call to upgrade to version 4 so you can save time and be more effective. Versions 2, 3 and 4 consist of what other users have asked for and the application just keeps on getting better.

Finally A big thank you to all users who have made suggestions. Without your ideas and suggestions this application would not be as useful for all users. Thank you.