SafetyLink Risk Manager - End of Support Notice

6 July 2023

Dear SafetyLink User

Twenty seven years ago the first New Zealand Health and Safety Act came into being. To assist businesses navigate its requirements we created a software package called OSH Compliance Manager. Two rewrites and name changes resulted in SafetyLink Risk Manager. It is remarkable our Windows application has lasted so long.

Decentralised Windows software has, yet again, become centralised. Now Software As a Service (SAS) is provided by IT infrastructure organisations. We had to decide if we were prepared to become an online subscription platform which entailed another major rewrite and a change of strategy. The online health and safety market is already saturated and another is not required. After an unsuccessful search for someone to take over support, reluctantly, we have decided to end support for SafetyLink.

Where does this leave SafetyLink users?

While pondering this decision over the last year or so, we suspended billing for support and subscriptions, although we continued providing help and support where required.

SafetyLink Gold - users purchased an organisation-wide licence to use the software for a maximum number of employees. This may be opened up to an unlimited number of employees by emailing us a request before the end of August. Previously, the payroll interface and email notification facility required an active support subscription but this requirement has now been removed.

SafetyLink Enterprise - subscriptions were on either an organisation-wide monthly or annual basis. We stopped billing these subscriptions between one and two years ago. You may continue using the software without payment on an as-is basis. Enterprise licenses have no employee limit and will expire in 2036. See above to extend this.

After 27 years we have decided to wind up the company. We at Compliance Solutions Ltd are very-belatedly retiring.

I would like to thank all our users over the last 27 years, particularly the many loyal customers still using the software. We wish you all well for the future.

Kevin Dunsford

Compliance Solutions Ltd

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