SafetyLink® - Risk Manager Gold

Easy to use yet comprehensive health and safety management software for businesses with 21 to 150 employees.

Main features :
  • Employee tasks, processes, work locations, hazard exposure, emergency contact details, training records
  • Accident & incident register plus formatted serious harm notifications to Department of Labour
  • Accident and incident costs, statistics and charting and comprehensive quering and reporting
  • Integrated incident register for all saftey incidents as well as quality, environmental, and security violations simplifies incident entry and reporting
  • Automatic and configurable escalating event notifications by email when activities due
  • Hazard register with PPE, controls, photo, work instructions with configurable assement methods
  • PPE and Equipment issues, checks & costing
  • Licence and certificates renewals
  • Training register for internal and external staff training requirements and courses including reminders and automatic rescheduling of training
  • NZQA staff training module populated with NZQA units saves time and reduces errors
  • Rehabilitation module
  • Notifiable diseases module
  • Hazardous substances and safety data sheets
  • Extensive reporting including email any report
  • Calendar of events and email notifications
  • Action control centre so you can monitor outstanding requirements
  • Library of Approved Codes of Practice, Department OSH guidelines, ACC documents and more. You may add you own procedures and SOP documents in the libary and link them to training requirements
  • Interface to most N.Z. payrolls eliminates duplicate entry and keeps staff details up to date (requires active support).
  • Plus more...

SafetyLink Risk Manager (previously called H&S Compliance Manager) has been a standard for health and safety software in New Zealand.

  • Setting up a new health & safety system? The pre-configured framework will enable you to quickly and cost effectively build a robust and systematic compliance management system.
  • Already have a system? SafetyLink Gold will provide you with the tools you need to re-vitalise and more effectively manage Health & Safety, freeing up more of your valuable time.
  • Less than 20 employees? SafetyLink Express.
  • More than 120 employees or have multiple-sites? SafetlLink Enterprise.


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Key benefits:
  • Reduces implementation costs by providing an existing framework with policies and procedures and tools
  • Reduces compliance costs by systematically organising a compliance framework that is consistent and aids in the sharing of knowledge
  • Saves time taken for reporting and recording accidents and incidents, hazards, injury time and most other HSE and ACC requirements
  • Helps increase employee participation and ownership
  • Show compliance performance to ACC auditors and to senior management
  • HSE system keeps everything together, library documents, policies and procedures and performance data
  • Easy to use - easy to learn.