SafetyLink® Risk Manager Comparison Chart - Version 9

  SafetyLink® Risk Manager Version
Features Enterprise Gold Express
Integrated accidents & incidents register including safety, quality, environmental, property, security plus investigation and reporting , accident costing, LTI, graphs      
Hazard register, hazardous substances, HASNO      
Equipment and PPE issues and checks      
Training records for employees, automatic rescheduling, NZQA units and qualifications, licences and certificates      
Employee health monitoring, rehabilitation, notifiable diseases, individual exposure to hazards due to tasks, processes, hazardous substances and work locations      
Library for procedures, codes of practice , SOPs - configurable      
Extensive reporting including query and extract to excel      
Calendar of events and reporting of requirements      
Job types, tasks, processes, employee hazard exposure, emergency contacts      
Contractors, equipment suppliers, training suppliers, materials and substance suppliers      
Interface to most NZ payrolls including ACE, IMS, Comacc, MYOB, iPayroll, CSV employee import      
Create reusable reports to excel for employees, incidents, hazards      
Functional security for user groups      
Escalating email notifications for events and actions      
Insurance claims management arising from incidents      
Supplier approvals, public liability, contractor details and training records      
Contract documents, contract supervisors, contractor hazard exposure due to tasks, processes, substances and work locations      
Monthly or annual subsription (no up front costs)      
Windows, Terminal Server, Citrix      
Suitable for number of employees
100 - 2000+
21 - 130
1 - 20