SafetyLink® Risk Manager for Health and Safety

Software to help you manage health & safety, ACC WSMP, employee training, contractors, human resources , contractor management, equipment issues and more.

  • SafetyLink Risk Manager Enterprise - for multi-site medium to large organisations. With its extended contractor and contracts management, enterprise-level security and central reporting helping you better manage multiple sites.
  • SafetyLink Risk Manager Gold - used by hundreds of medium sized businesses from 20 to 120 staff, allows departmental managemement of health and safety and training with central control.
  • SafetyLink Risk Manager Express - Used by smaller businesses and contractors with less than 20 staff.
  • Developed for New Zealand businesses and continuously improved for more than 14 years.
  • All Editions are multi-user, have built in security and run on Windows networks, servers, Citrix and Terminal Server.

Integrates with other systems. All versions integrate with N.Z. payroll software e.g. Ace, IMS, MYOB, MYOB Exo, Comacc, iPayroll and others.

Who uses SafetyLink Risk Manager?

New Zealand Businesses... Councils, Crown research institutes, manufacturers, transport and logistics, forestry and timber processing, ports and power utilities, manufactures. Any business type or size may use one of the SafetyLink Risk Manager editions.

6 July 2023 SafetyLink® Risk Manager End of Support anounced

End Of Suppot Anouncement

28 May 2020 SafetyLink® Risk Manager 11.024 update released

New User Guide for Employee Training

New User Guide for Risk Management

Latest SafetyLink® release notes